You’ve reached noOne, the home planet of Bas Verweij (1980, Doetinchem)

I am based in Utrecht where I both work and live together with Kyra, our son Sidd and daughter Aymí.

Over the years I’ve developed myself in a wide range of work fields. Loosely based on the Dutch seasons I work as an Interaction Designer, Graphic and Space Designer, an experimental Urban Gardener, electric Guitar Player and a designer of functional furniture to name a few.

Together with Leentje we are the founders of the co-working space DAAR based on Rotsoord. Besides running this urban office, my work includes building digital spaces, websites, graphics, custom instruments, upcycled, obsolete gadgets, furniture and green, breathing installations.

I make you feel at home in both physical and digital realms, so you won’t feel drenched in the many technical possibilities that surround us, reluctant to choose the right form or lost in an unimaginative office.

If you need a hand transforming your digital or analog surroundings, feel free to contact me!